Blokes Notes

Blokes Notes is a choir for Real Men who are not afraid to stand up and sing.

Our registered not-for-profit organisation challenges the stereotypes of Aussie blokes.

We raise our voices together in song - rock, romantic, traditional, modern, musical theatre, ballads, world music - you name it, and we're not afraid to sing it - in shopping centres, public places, libraries, schools, halls, theatres - wherever the opportunity arises.

Singing is a cool thing to do, it's fun and it makes us feel good - the physical, mental and social benefits are enormous which is why men of all ages are choosing to join choirs all over Australia and the rest of the world.

Blokes Notes is an inclusive group that includes dads, sons, students, professionals, tradies and retirees ranging in age from 16 to 86 years!


Weekly during school terms on Thursdays
Mac Adams Centre, Gordon St, Port Macquarie
6:30pm to 8.30pm



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