Blokes Notes

Blokes Notes is a “not for profit” organisation that provides the opportunity for men to fully experience and participate in singing.

Our Aim

Blokes Notes provides choral opportunities for men in the Hastings community. Our vision is to deliver regular workshops culminating in quality performances that successfully entertain and impress audiences.

What We Do

Blokes Notes ChoirWe work on our repertoire and vocal skills while having a lot of fun in the process. We perform at places such as

  • The Glasshouse,
  • Comboyne Village Spring Fair,
  • Wauchope Arts Council, Port Panthers,
  • The Historic Courthouse

and are known to do spontaneous Flash choir singing at various locations around Port Macquarie. Blokes Notes offers men of the Hasting region the opportunity to sing in a male-only choir. There are no auditions.


  • Provide regular choral workshops. (weekly during school terms)
  • Encourage and support men to participate in their community
  • Enhance the skills required to develop, produce and participate in performances
  • Perform publicly about six times per year
  • Develop the self esteem, confidence and choral skills of all participants
  • Increase opportunities for socialising, having fun and self expression

Blokey Definitions

  • Blocal - a Bloke from the local area
  • Reblocate - when a bloke is moved from one place to another.
  • Bloquet - (1) A group of men creatively arranged to provide decoration. (2) The pleasant aroma emitted by a group of well matured men.
  • Blokade - a group of men getting in the way.
  • Blokey Dokey - what one bloke might say to another to indicate agreement.
  • Blokey Pokey - 1940's novelty dance performed by a group of men
  • Blokies - female hangers on known to repeatedly attend Bloke performances and applaud no matter how lame. No age limit
  • Mme Bloke - alternate title for our valiant leader when more, er, discipline is required.