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Blokes Notes have been inflicting their vocal prowess on audiences willing and unwilling throughout the Hastings/Camden Haven areas centred on Port Macquarie, NSW and beyond since 2009. Responses have varied from shock to rapture, but they are yet to face indifference.  

If you enjoy a cappella singing in the base clef, have a secret thing for beards or simply revel in the spectacle of a bunch of blokes all trying to march with the same foot first, then you should come along to a performance.

The men of Blokes Notes come from all walks of life. They are drawn together for a weekly rite of song and camaraderie. The Blokes sing songs from any genre that takes their fancy, sometimes singing them in their original form but more often than not they are arranged (manipulated/reworked/mangled) to suit their own irreverent, irrelevant, irrational, irresponsible style. No genre is off limits; Gospel, Georgian, Gregorian, Gothic. They even sing material from genres that don't start with G.

We welcome new members any time with only one criteria; they must be able to grow a beard (if they wanted to.) Musical experience is not required. If you’re a bloke who’s ready to leave the safety of singing in the shower, we’re looking for you.


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Bloke’s Notes is a “not for profit” organisation that provides the opportunity for men to fully experience and participate in singing.


Bloke’s Notes provides choral opportunities for men in the community. Our vision is to deliver regular workshops culminating in quality performances that successfully entertain and impress audiences.


Provide regular choral workshops, (weekly during school terms).
Encourage and support men to participate in their community.
Enhance the skills required to develop, produce and participate in performances.
Perform publicly 3-6 times per year.
Develop the self esteem, confidence and choral skills of all participants.
Increase opportunities for socialization, fun and self expression.